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Sms Gateway

A very dynamic feature of first Beep that allows you to send multiple high speed SMS messages directly through your personal mediums like your website/ software application.

SMS gateways can be installed in conjunction with safe APIs exhibiting a wide variety of connecting mediums like FTP, HTTP etc.

Our specially designed user manual for effective integration will guide you completely during the integration process and alongwith provides code scripts that can be used with all kinds of programming interfaces.Our SMS gateway APIs has the unique feature that they can be easily automated for two-Way SMS for on demand information. Some of the main features of SMS gateway services at first beep are:-

i) Customized solution available that fits your organization aptly.

ii) 2-way SMS feature for information on demand.

iii) Load managers to balance volume of high traffic.

iv) Web SMS gateway service that offers Internet content to mobile users .

Our SMS gateway service are available at all levels from small businesses to company executives and working people as an effective means of communication to be in touch with existing and prospective known persons.