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Bulk Sms Provider

The corporate world is incomplete without Bulk SMS marketing. Today, where more than 80% of the population is using mobile devices SMS marketing has evolved as a very effective mode not only for marketing but for many other important corporate announcements and alerts dissemination. First Beep is a complete Bulk SMS solution reservoir under one roof offering flexible messaging solutions. First beep offers you the following unique features that set it apart from the crowd:-

i)  Start sending SMS directly from your computer by installing a single plug in on your device  and get started.

ii)  24*7 complete assistance on optimum use of Bulk SMS facility including management of huge database.

iii)  Auto filters that refrain from sending SMS to DND Numbers and keeps remain free from legal  hassles.

iv) Wider reach for wider dissemination round the globe.

v)   A complete control panel equipped with a range of features like Import address book, Schedule SMS, Group  SMS, SMS delivery         reports,priority setting, support tickets amongst other that gives you complete flexibility in your operations.

vi) multi lingual solutions also available.